who I am 

I have a home office here in greater Victoria

but prefer to meet on site or over a coffee 

I have been working in the design field for close to 50 years. The last number of years I have specialized in renovation design.  

The process begins with a customers ideas, then concept drawings , renderings and floor plans, then construction and permit drawings. 

Although there is a province wide building code, our local thirteen municipalities do have different rules and standards for approval of residential building projects. 

I will work with your builders,to see that your building dreams can be realized. 

I offer all clients an initial free no obligation visit to look at your ideas and offer you some suggestions without the customer feeling pressured.

I will get back to you the next day with an estimate of design fees and perhaps a rough guess of your projects projected cost. 

I do have some builders that I work for as well. 

call or text me directly at 250-480-8040  or email me @ jerrybvanderwal@gmail.com 

Contact me by calling or texting  250 480-8040 or email at 


I try to listen carefully to what folks want to construct, and will try to find a way of making it work. 

Also perhaps some ideas that you  may not have though of 

I may have some suggestions that may simplify your job (cheaper) and will advise you on what is allowed (size, height etc) and the best path forward.

Your ideas need to be made structurally  sound, in other words build-able. 

My floor plans and renderings usually include properly scaled furniture, so one can see what the new space "feels" like.

Being originally trained as an interior designer, I can help (optionally) with finishes, colours and millwork. 

Removing or opening a bearing wall requires good skills as a designer and to the builder. 

Give Jerry a call, put on the coffee and let's dream together. 


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